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We are Kat and Kerry Logan, a sister-brother entrepreneurial team and the co-founders of Advanced Vascular Therapies (AVT). We cared for our disabled Mother (she suffered from multiple strokes (7+) and diabetes with very poor circulation) for over 30 years. In her later years, our mother’s poor circulation led to ‘non-healing wounds’ or ulcers on her legs/feet and potential amputation. For our family, amputating our mother’s leg was not an option. So, in that time we became skilled at wound care and prevention, and from it, we developed innovative technology to aid in wound healing with the larger goal to prevent amputation. We considered it a great privilege to have our mother with us until she was 88 years old, and due to God’s grace, her wonderful doctors, and our hard work and ingenuity she passed away with both her legs and no ulcers (wounds) while she still lived in her own home, despite her ailments.

Crop Mommy 4.jpgWe observed and met our Mother’s needs in innovative ways that led us to create our company to help others with similar needs.


Our skillsets are complementary with backgrounds in Supervision (Kat) and Electrical Engineering (Kerry) from Purdue University. We created AVT to help people with poor circulation retain their independence and stay in their own homes with non-invasive therapeutic options. AVT is a seed stage company and a Purdue University Foundry client. AVT is currently in the prototyping stage of a novel pneumatic compression device (PCD) that we designed to heal non-healing ulcers. Our device took 5 months to completely heal a ‘non-healing ulcer’ on our mother, much better than the standard of care device, which took 1.5 years on two separate occassions to heal her wounds. Further, our device, used weekly, prevented further wound formation, despite her extremely poor circulation.

AVT is proud to have Mr. Mike Hoffa lead our product development. He has over 24 years experience in product development and engineering support covering a broad range of medical devices and has a deep working knowledge of the legal, regulatory, quality, and manufacturing requirements. Mr. Hoffa worked at Hologic (VP Product Development), Suros Surgical Systems (Director of Engineering), and Cook Medical (Program Manager). 


AVT is also Blessed to work with GMI (a renowned Indiana medical device manufacturer) and 316 Product Development (a prominent Indiana full service product development firm).  


AVT developed a prototype of the novel PCD for non-healing ulcers that worked to save their mother’s limb

AVT received a patent for their novel PCD – April 2017 and has an additional patents currently pending

AVT won the local InnovateHER competition at the Purdue Foundry in West Lafayette, IN – May 2017

AVT received a USDA Phase I SBIR to fund development of the final prototype for production – June 2017

AVT received a USDA Phase II SBIR to fund further research and development of the final prototype for production - ending August 2024

AVT received a 2022 INTAP Grant from Indiana for further developing its software


Going forward: 

FDA approval expected the end of 2024 with sales to follow

Multi-site NIH efficacy study pursued